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It’s 2020. The world is changing and digital technologies are conquering our human world. Entrepreneur Joost Vos has the vision that new intelligent technologies will play an increasingly important role in our existing work processes. TXT INSIGHT was founded in 2017 to develop intelligent text analysis systems that function as smart assists side by side with humans. Our company distinguishes itself through a clear focus on natural language processing (NLP) and the application of proven artificial intelligence (AI) technology. TXT INSIGHT offers customized consultancy and IT services to make optimal use of natural language processing and text analytics. We help to get you started with the application of artificial intelligence and scalable content analysis of text documents

We focus on technology that we are passioned about:

Natural Language Processing

We design and develop customized cognitive computer systems that are trained to understand natural language in a human way. This enables us to extract new insights and knowledge from texts in an automated manner. As source material we use document types such as Word, PDF, websites and e-mails

We work with proven technology. That is why we have chosen IBM Watson Explorer. IBM's Natural Language Processing technology is the only industry standard for content analytics
We guide our clients in the development of a cognitive system. Because we use proven technology, we are able to efficiently help our clients with NLP technology
The cognitive system learns your knowledge domain. In order to train a cognitive system, we collaborate closely with our clients. This way you can be sure that your cognitive system performs optimally
The development starts with the design of text analysis building blocks. Then we establish linguistic relations and interpretations in a way that is comparable with the functioning of the human brain

our technology

Cognitive systems designed by TXT INSIGHT help knowledge workers to find and explore relevant information as and when required.

For the development of cognitive systems we use IBM Watson Explorer Content Analytics. This technology combines search technology, text analysis and artificial intelligence for the effective and accurate collection of the information requested by the end user.

Click for more information about this platform:  IBM Watson Explorer.

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Our Projects

Examples of cognitive solutions developed by us:

Within the chemical industry, in vitro and in-silico techniques are increasingly used for the safety assessment of new chemical compounds. Free form texts such as scientific journals and toxicology reports contain a wealth of knowledge that can provide insight into the safety of chemicals. By applying NLP, rapid and complete insights can be obtained from existing knowledge about similar chemical compounds
A patent is a set of exclusive rights that offer market exclusivity for an invention. Within the pharmaceutical industry, it can be a challenging and time-consuming process to investigate the novelty of a patent application in non-patent literature. TXT INSIGHT has designed a IBM Watson-based semantic solution that allows fast and efficient screening of the novelty of patent applications in non-patent literature
Life Sciences
With around 1 million publications in the life sciences per year, it is challenging to keep up with the scientific literature. The free-form texts contain a wealth of knowledge and new scientific insights. TXT INSIGHT has the knowledge and technology available for the semantically controlled exploration of scientific literature
Cross industry
By following your competitive landscape, you can optimize the strategy of your company. Performing competitive analysis by hand is very time-consuming and non-scalable. TXT INSIGHT has developed various solutions based on IBM Watson Explorer with which the competition landscape of the client can be followed
cross industry
For a helpdesk it is challenging to answer incoming questions timely and adequately. Dealing with incoming questions is a time-consuming and error-prone process. TXT INSIGHT carried out a test project in which the possibilities for demand classification were demonstrated using natural language processing. Watson was programmed to function as an intelligent system to support the helpdesk employee
Until recently, data silos were not designed to communicate with each other. For a government organization, TXT INSIGHT has developed an IBM Watson Explorer-based solution for collecting data from various data sources and analyzing its contents. This way, end-users obtains the data that is necessary for their work in an extremely fast and complete manner. Querying different database systems has become obsolete
Data Supplier
Governments in a growing number of countries share data. The available quantities of governmental open data are overwhelming. Natural language processing helps to analyze and interpret this data. TXT INSIGHT trained a team for the development of an IBM Watson based framework for the analysis and interpretation of unstructured open governmental data available from the Dutch government.
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Why us?

We are honest about the possibilities of NLP
We know the nuances in language and its translation into NLP
We love to develop NLP applications
We have applied NLP successfully in many projects

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